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What are the best coffee beans available in Canada?

August 5, 2021

Coffee is one of the widely used commodities in the world. If you live in Canada and want to learn  the best beans to buy there, in this article, we will show you the top Canadian coffee bean producers. You ‘won’t regret ordering your next batch of coffee from one of them.

Canadian coffee beans roaters

Top coffee roasters in Canada

Detour coffee

If you are looking for quality coffee, then you need to try this brand. It is known for its partnership with small coffee farms and sustainable manufacturing practices. For this reason, Detour Coffee is considered the greenest coffee roaster. The company’s cafe is located in Dundas, Ontario.

Pilot coffee roasters

This coffee-producing company offers you everything you need from a coffee roaster. They offer their clients a direct trade with high-quality coffee with great taste and use the best equipment in the coffee roasting and brewing process.
The company’s founders are Andy and Jessie Wilkins. It was established in 2009 as a specialty coffee and micro-roastery. The company’s previous name was Te Aro Coffee.
This coffee roasting company partners with Swift Cup Coffee to produce specialty instant coffee with a unique taste. In 2014 Pilot coffee roasters won the award Micro Roaster of the Year.
Pilot coffee roasters also offer education options for their clients. They have several barista cafés in Toronto where you can enjoy barista-made coffee. There you can try a variety of coffee specialties.

49th Parallel Coffee

The company offers a rich selection of coffee beans, and ‘ ‘it’s known for its dark roast coffee type called French Roast that provides a real delight to the senses. The great thing about this company is that it works directly with farmers.

Bean North Coffee Roasting Company

The company was founded in the Yukon territories. It has more than 19 years of experience in the coffee roasting business. Bean North offers certified Fair Trade coffee beans.

Sam James

Sam James was established in 2009 in Toronto. “Quality over quantity” has become the company’s motto as it roasts its beans in small batches.
The company owns five Sam James Coffee Bars in Toronto. It applies a minimalist look in terms of its cafes that follow the third-wave coffee movement. One of their main goals is to offer a small selection of high-quality coffee beans and specialty coffees with a great flavor.

Matchstick Coffee Roasters

The company is based in Vancouver and applies attention to detail in its coffee production. It originally worked as a café, but with its success in the coffee trade, the company has become popular as a coffee roaster.
One of the interesting things about this company is that it offers its customers a water program at the ‘ ‘company’s cafes. Everyone who buys sparkling water contributes to water charity.


It’s one of the first coffee roasting companies in Canada, and it was originally named Reunion Island. In 2014 the company got its current name, and since then, it has been offering its customers high-quality coffee. Reunion’s café is located in Toronto.
Reunion applies attention to detail in its coffee production. It performs a direct trade with coffee beans from multiple farmers who apply different coffee processing techniques.
The company offers a wide variety of coffee blends from coffee farms in Latin America and Africa. Most of the ‘ ‘company’s coffee beans have Rainforest Alliance and organic Fairtrade certificates.

Social Coffee and Tea Companies

As its name suggests, this coffee roasting ‘ ‘company’s belief is that people should be served coffee in a socially conscious way. Social Coffee and Tea Companies is located in Ontario. Thanks to its coffee blends, the company has won coffee roasting competitions.
Social Coffee & Tea Co. was created in 2009 by Steve Souphanthong. The company sources its coffee beans from farmers, and ‘it’s constantly trying to improve its products.
The range of coffees this company offers includes asingle-origin coffee from Africa and Latin America, light and medium roast signature blends, and a French Roast (darkly roasted coffee).
Social Coffee & Tea Co uses upgraded drum roasters to monitor the bean temperature, fan speed, heat levels, andair temperature during the coffee roasting.

Java Blend Coffee Roasters

This coffee company was founded in 1938 in Halifax (the provincial capital of Nova Scotia). Java Blend Coffee Roasters offers a wide range of coffee beans with great taste.

JJ Bean

JJ Bean is another coffee roasting company among the first Canadian coffee roasters. They have been offering high-quality roasted coffee for four generations. Their success over the years is based on the premium quality green coffee they offer and the fact that they roast their coffee in small batches in order to provide fresh coffee with amazing flavor.

Brûlerie Faro

This coffee roasting company is based in Quebec, and it has been in the coffee roasting sphere since 1982. One of the reasons behind their success is the fact that their team members regularly take part in different education programs.

De Mello

Previously named De Mello Palheta, this coffee roasting company aims to offer coffee beans that are roasted and distributed according to the additional techniques, methods, and culture of coffee cultivators.
De Mello was founded in 2013, and the ‘company’s café is located in North Toronto.
The company offers a wide range of single-origin coffee beans from Latin America and Africa and several coffee blends. The coffee variety includes whole beans and ground coffee.

Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters

This coffee roasting company was founded in Alberta by two lab partners Phil and Sebastian, who met in university. Their shared passion for espresso inspired them to establish a coffee roasting company that now offers a variety of unique coffee beans.


Hatch coffee roasting company was founded by Alfonso Tupaz, and it offers a small number of coffee blends in small batches that include single-origin coffee and decaf coffee. Hatch gets its coffee beans from farms that have won the Cup of Excellence award.

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